Stillwater Athletic Co-Op located in Columbus, MT

Stillwater Athletic Co-Op

310 E 10th St N
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-321-1053

Stillwater Athletic Co-Op is a member owned fitness center that's main goal is to help improve your mental & physical health.


Mountain Mama, LLC Located in Columbus, MT

Mountain Mama LLC

549 N 9th St, Suite 4
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-426-8079

Mountain Mama is a Montana-based Organic health and beauty company. I am committed to providing the highest quality moisturizing body products to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of life. I have developed my own recipes using 100% Pure Organic products infused with essential oils that are light weight and easy on the nose. For my CBD offerings I have chosen the Full Spectrum CBD Gold formula provided by CV Sciences. It is the only extract on the market to be given the GRAS (generally accepted as safe) certification by the FDA.


Peggy Ennenga, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Peggy Ennenga, Health & Lifestyle Coach

P.O. Box 989
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-249-5775

Health Coaching is a personal way to overcome challenges that modern fad diets and pills fail to bring lasting change and success at achieving healthy goals.
As a certified holistic health coach, I take an approach that is different from any other book or article you may read online. I look at the individual.
I focus on the principle that each and every one of us has a unique body, which has its own individual needs to function at its best.
With this approach, you will learn how to love and care for your body. I won’t tell you that there is some magical book to follow with one size fits all rules and restrictions.
Those types of programs just don’t work!



Ashley Foster - Cosmetologist located in Columbus, MT

Ashley Foster - Cosmetologist

318 E Pike Ave
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-0400

Ashley Foster is a cosmetologist at Perceptions Hair Salon. The salon is a full service salon located in Columbus, Montana.

Ashley specializes in: men, women & children's haircuts, nail services, facial waxing and hair color services.

Call for an appointment and walk-ins are always welcome!

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