Park City

Population: 983
Elevation: 3,393 feet
Size: 1.04 square miles

Heading East on I-90 towards Billings, travelers can stop by Park City for food, fuel, service or to enjoy a picnic along the Yellowstone River.

parkcityPast and Present

Located along the Yellowstone River, Park City was originally known as Young’s Point. The area was settled by homesteaders from Wisconsin who came by covered wagon. The settlers, eager to estblish their home here, planted elms and maples and chose the name Park City. Access to the Yellowstone River is southeast of town at the Sportsman Park access, also known as Buffalo Mirage. Park City is a Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery area.

The first known account of Park City appeared in the journal of Captain William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He and his men journeyed down the Yellowstone River, after they split with Captain Lewis’ party. Clarks’ party took a route that put them on the Yellowstone and they explored the valley to where it flows into the Missouri. The notes of the party read that they spent a week in the valley where Youngs Point is located and hewed boats from the giant cottonwood trees which grew along the river.

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