The community of Nye is located at the upper end of our “hidden valley.” The area was cherished by the Crow Indians, long before white settlers arrived. Ranches dominate the valley with cattle and sheep populating the fields. The sparkling waters of the Stillwater River offer superb fishing. The spectacular mountains hold mineral treasures which attracted prospectors as early as the 1860’s. The drive from Nye to Woodbine Campground and the Stillwater River Trailhead is one of the most scenic in Big Sky Country. Enjoy a short walk to the falls at Woodbine, hike into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area, or take advantage of our local outfitters for an adventure-filled trip into the high country of the Beartooth Mountains.

Past and Present

The Nye area has a mining history going back as far as 1864. Among the first prospectors to capitalize on this newly opend territory were Jack Nye and the Hedges brothers, Jimmy and Jonas. The first mining town in the valley, Nye City, was a bustling, promising mining camp. By the end of 1887, a small smelter had been assembled. The town’s population peaked at about 400 people and counted at one time, six saloons, a store, a commissary, a boarding house and an assay office. Before full production could get underway, it was discovered that Nye City was inside the Crow Reservation boundaries. In 1889 evacuation was ordered. Protest and appeals were made to no avail.

Mining continues to be an important part of the community. The Stillwater Mining Company is one of the world’s leading producers of Platinum group metals and the only significant primary producer of Palladium in the Western Hemisphere.

In 1999, resident established the Nye Community Foundation, whose efforts benefit the entire Nye community. Nye Goes Nuts! in July every summer.