Photo by Clark Marten of Clark Marten Photography just south of AbsarokeePopulation: 1,150
Elevation: 4,044 feet
Size: 2.03 square miles

The community of Absarokee has a swimming pool and a community park with tennis courts. Many recreational activities are available, including whitewater rafting, horseback riding, fishing and camping. The friendly people you'll meet will fill you in on the best places to wet your line or, if you like, leave the planning and outfitting to the guides and fly shops in the area. Though the town of Absarokee has never incorporated, it has continued to grow and flourish over the years with the guidance and assistance of a strong force of volunteers.

Past and Present

Homesteading in Stillwater County was delayed until territory became available with the ceding of Crow lands. One early homesteader, S.T. Simonson, arrived at the present day site of Absarokee, previously a part of the Crow Reservation, in 1892, to await the opening of the lands to homesteaders. He set stakes on his 160 acres and erected the first building, a log hotel. He later built  a post office on his ranch and named it Absarokee, which he believed meant "our people." In 1905, Simonson decided to plat his homestead for a town site and the sale of lots began. The land eventually sold to P.H. Hawkins, who donated a piece of land known today as Hawkins Park. The small log house used as Absarokee's first school is now located there.

During the summer of 1910, the Sandstone School was built and in 1917 the Cobblestone High School was built with rocks hauled from the Rosebud River by local residents. Both the Sandstone School and the Cobblestone High School are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Absarokee hosts many of the spring and summer events held in Stillwater County. The Quick Draw & Art Auction, the Montana Barbeque Cook-Off and the Stillwater Art & Wine Festival are just a few. Don't miss Absarokee Days, an annual event held the last weekend of July. A parade, barbeque and craft fair are only a few of the planned activities.

The Cobblestone Preservation Committee sponsors the annual Farmers Market held Labor Day weekend on the school grounds. Spend some time viewing the many quilts on display during the Annual Quilt Show. This event is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.