Columbus Baptist Church located in Columbus Montana

Columbus Baptist Church

55 Centennial Road
P.O. Box 447
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-4113

A very active family oriented church offering Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, and age-group weekly programs.

Columbus Community Action Network (CCAN)

PO Box 351
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-8648

The mission of Columbus Community Action Network is to enhance the lives of residents in the greater Columbus area by organizing or facilitating educational opportunities, social activities, community events and improvements.

Rent the sign in Railroad Park in Columbus for your business, organization, or personal message. ContactAndy at (406) 322-8648


Columbus Community Foundation located in Columbus, Montana

Columbus Community Foundation

P.O. Box 462
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-5688

Columbus Community Foundation is a vehicle for philanthropy in Columbus, MT. The Foundation provides grant funding to non-profit organizations serving Columbus. The Foundation is supported through charitable donations.


Columbus Community Garden located in Columbus, Montana

Columbus Community Garden

P.O. Box 1554
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-697-9224

Through shared experience and education, the Columbus Community Garden promotes the art of gardening with organic methods and practices. We strive to cultivate community life by: planting the seeds for a sustainable future; growing healthy food and relationships; harvesting the fruits of our labor to feed ourselves and one another; and resting in the knowledge that what we are creating is of benefit for many.

In 2010 a core group of three local women had the dream of creating a community garden. Through the approval of the City of Columbus, granted permission to put the Columbus Community Garden in Granite Peak Sports Complex.

Current Goals:
To purchase materials and build eighteen 4' by 16' raised beds that will become the garden spots, to purchase materials and install a plumbing system that will supply water to the community garden, and to purchase materials and install a fence around the perimeter of the community garden. To achieve these goals we are actively seeking grants, hosting various fundraisers and soliciting donations and support - monetary, materials and/or services - from local businesses and individuals.

The Columbus Community Garden group hosts lecture series on gardening called, Garden Gab. These lectures are open to the public and all proceeds from the cost of the lectures goes towards the development of the community garden.

Columbus Concrete

P.O. Box 215
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-4438


Columbus Evangelical Church located in Columbus, Montana

Columbus Evangelical Church

2 East 1st Avenue North
P.O. Box 746
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-5804

We want to know Him better with you!

Sunday Worship service at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Nursery, children's church, MOPs, Sunday school, Bible studies, Upward Youth Sports, and home growth groups all available.

We are located on the corner of Quarry Rd. and 1st Ave. North, one block west of Columbus Elementary School.

Please join us as we reach up and reach out, not only with our heads, but also with our hearts, and we won't forget our hands.

Pastor Jay Forseth
Youth Pastor David Richter
Children's Pastor Josh Daniels


Columbus IGA Plus located in Columbus, Montana

Columbus IGA Plus

133 5th Street North
P.O. Box 719
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-5718

A full service supermarket, pharmacy, bakery & deli.


Columbus Mental Health Center

612 E Pike Ave
PO Box 238
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-4514
Fax : 406-322-4515
We provide mental health counseling to adults, children, and families; we also provide outpatient treatment for addictions.
The Columbus Mental Health Center is a satellite office of the Mental Health Center located in Billings. We have a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who provides individual therapy to adults, children, and families. We also have a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) who provides outpatient treatment for chemical dependeny and addiction.


Columbus School District

Columbus School District

433 North 3rd Street
Columbus, MT 59019
Phone : 406-322-5373

406-322-5373 Columbus High School
406-322-5375 Columbus Middle School
406-322-5371 Columbus Elementary School